Jul 24

So You Think You Can Dance Recap – Top 16

I totally missed last week’s recap. I just got so busy and never had a chance to even finish reviewing the routines. But here I am with the Top 16 watching and typing as I watch it. Also as a note this Saturday, July 26th is National Dance Day. Get out and dance somewhere!

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Jul 22

Rueda de La Calle at Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

On Monday, July 21st a nice-sized group gathered at Lincoln Memorial to once again dance rueda, casino, and salsa. The weather was near perfect. There was a slight breeze coming in off of the Potomac and the heat wasn’t obnoxious as if often is in July. I always find it fun to …

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Jul 15

Baltimore’s Cuban Salsa Party – August 23rd!

Baltimore Cuban Party

Each year Cedric Teamer and Eric Hehl put on a great Cuban party in Baltimore, Maryland. I’m sure this year will be no exception. I missed the party last year. I got sick the day of the party… terrible! As I always do, I’m going to try and attend this time around. …

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Jul 14

Rueda de La Calle DC – Rueda Dancing at Dupont Circle

Here is a great clip of what happens at Rueda de La Calle. Both of these videos are from Dupont Circle.

Remember to check out the Facebook group for all upcoming Rueda de La Calle events. The next one is July 21st at the Lincoln Memorial.

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Jul 10

So You Think You Can Dance Recap – First Elimination

A Broadway opening number starts our show tonight! It is a scene from The Town that is being choreographed by Josh Bergasse. The winner of SYTYCD will get a role on the show. The routine is incredibly fun and everyone looked great. As we move onto the opening I’d like to say I really like …

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Jul 08

Prince Debuts Purple Rain in 1983

I’m just going to put this right here and hope that you can watch it. I couldn’t find it on YouTube so am embedding from Facebook. I apologize if it looks bad on the site – I’m not thrilled with Facebook’s embed code.

Post by Kevin Clapper.

He is …

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Jul 03

So You Think You Can Dance Recap – Top 20 Perform!

Welcome to my So You Think You Can Dance Recap! I am happy that the performances have finally arrived. The auditions and callbacks are over and we get to see our Top 20 perform in their own style of dance. During the last two seasons the dancers were put in groups to showcase their own …

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Jun 26

So You Think You Can Dance – Callbacks!

Callbacks in LA! This is the episode where there is always a ton of filler, not enough shots of dancing, and the fake-outs when they tell someone they made it. The beginning of the episode tells us that each contestant has to perform a solo. We only get one clip – that’s of ballroom dancer …

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Jun 24

Rueda de La Calle – Lincoln Memorial Edition


I have a Spartan Sprint coming up the end of July. This means I’m training, training, training. This also means I have to miss events like the one that happened last night at the Lincoln Memorial. Rueda de La Calle DC danced at the base of the Lincoln Memorial yesterday evening and the …

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Jun 19

So You Think You Can Dance Recap – 6/18/2014

Last night’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance was a bit lackluster for me. Atlanta is always a great spot for auditions – especially for contemporary and hip hop. FOX advertised that we’d get to see a wider variety of dances during the auditions this season. So far I haven’t seen that happening. …

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