Jul 10

So You Think You Can Dance Recap – First Elimination

A Broadway opening number starts our show tonight! It is a scene from The Town that is being choreographed by Josh Bergasse. The winner of SYTYCD will get a role on the show. The routine is incredibly fun and everyone looked great. As we move onto the opening I’d like to say I really like the geometric markings on the dancers.

Let’s have a Cat fashion report. Each week Cat picks her own clothes, hair and makeup for the show. Tonight she’s sporting a cute, belted animal print dress with straight, flowy hair. As always – she looks amazing. Cat is a terrific host and doesn’t win enough awards for how she interacts with the contestants, judges and always comes across as very authentic. We get to see a clip of her throwing out the first pitch at a Dodgers game. She said she only wanted to do better than 50 Cent. I think she mostly accomplished that but gets a ton of points for how cute she looked.

Misty Copeland is tonight’s guest judge. Misty was a prima ballerina for the American Ballet Theater. Her commentary for the evening was fantastic. I thought she worked hard to find meaningful feedback and also enjoyed herself as well. Also, her arms are amazing.

They announce the dancers who ended up in the bottom after last week’s episode. The dancers are: Nick, Serge, Casey, Brooklyn, Jourdan, and Marlene. I’m pretty surprised by Marlene because I thought any guys watching would automatically vote for her.

On to the dancing!

The first couple of the evening is Rudy and Tanisha with a Sonya Tayeh routine. Sonya delivers another amazing routine. Rudy and Tanisha kill it. Rudy gets the opportunity here to show that he’s right up there at the top. Even Nigel commented that he was surprised. I wasn’t. Tanisha looked like a contemporary dancer. Overall I thought this was one of the top routines for the night. It involved chairs (very common this season) and was very sexy.

Next up is Valerie and Ricky with a Travis Wall contemporary routine. I read an interview (that I can no longer find) where Travis mentioned he was going to really work hard to deliver great routines this season. I think that he finally found his voice again with this routine. It was unique and had some very nice moments in it. Valerie (a tap dancer) had to do this backbend to the floor and it took amazing control by both her and Ricky. They nailed it. Routines like this are why Travis received his 4th Emmy nomination this morning.

Emilio and Bridget luck out with Luther Brown for a hip hop routine. This routine should be very easy for Emilio and that’s how he makes it look. He had no problems at all. Bridget didn’t hit the moves hard but she kept up nicely for it not being her style. I thought the routine was somewhat easy compared to some others for the night but the pair of them delivered. Also wardrobe? What was Emilio wearing?

Season 2 winner, Benji Schwimmer, returns as a choreographer for Nick and Jessica. He brought them some West Coast Swing style and he didn’t make it easy. The routine was incredibly fun and totally Benji. As Nigel mentioned, this is a routine Benji would have killed but it definitely caused some problems for both dancers. Although Nick is a ballroom dancer, West Coast Swing is a whole other type of dance. I thought he did well and Jessica looked amazing in those white pants but it was probably the weakest number of the evening. As Nigel made his comments you could see Nick’s heart breaking.

Sonya gets a second routine with Serge and Carly. You would never know that Serge was dancing outside his style. I thought he looked strong and the routine was moving. I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as Sonya’s first number but they sold it and any song by Sam Smith is going to woo me.

Emily and Teddy paired up with Dave Scott for another hip hop routine. Dave Scott creates some wonderful routines and this was fantastic. I’m not entirely sold on Teddy and tonight showed why. I thought Emily stole the routine from him. Sure, she could have hit things hard. Gotten lower. Copped an attitude but she looked great.

Sometimes props are too much. This next routine shows why. Marlene and Stanley paired up for a Spencer Liff Broadway routine involving phones on cords. As Mary mentioned, the first 20 seconds of the routine was outstanding. Both dancers killed it and then they couldn’t get away from the phones. Honestly, I still think Stanley danced great. His kicks were amazing and he had an old-school style to his movement. Marlene was left with little to do. She did have the best costume/hair of the evening though. She looked gorgeous. I thought that Nigel was too hard on the dancers, though, because they didn’t choreograph the routine. You can watch it below and make your own opinion.

Marcquet and Jourdan are up with a Sean Cheeseman routine. His theme was interrogator and prisoner. I thought that Marcquet killed the routine. So far he has shown that there isn’t a style he can’t master. I know people keep saying Ricky is the winner but we have yet to see him do anything but contemporary. The judges were thrilled with Jourdan’s dancing but I think she had trouble keeping up. Overall it was a fine performance for her.

The performance of the night goes to Casey and Brooklyn with their Miriam and Leonardo Tango routine. The Tango is a difficult dance but these two made it look like they had done it a million times before. The choreographers did not go easy on them either. The ganchos weren’t easy. I felt like Casey was a Tango dancer by trade the way he held his form and partnered with Brooklyn. One note: during the rehearsal footage why were they playing salsa music? That was very odd to me. Sure, Tango… salsa… all the same music, right?

The final routine of the night was Jacque and Zach doing African Jazz by Sean Cheeseman. Apparently I was the only one who wasn’t thrilled with this routine. I wasn’t as wowed by the costumes and makeup as the judges were. I honestly felt like they were distracting. They danced the routine great – that wasn’t the issue – but the whole performance with lighting, costumes, etc. just didn’t get me excited.

Oh here is one of the groups that were pushed during the auditions. The Syncopated Ladies are a group of tap dancers and they were great. I guess the groups just get to perform on the show? I do appreciate this as filler more so than some random pop star singing. The eliminations are next.

Marlene is the girl let go. Nigel commented that her looks had gotten her far in the competition. Really? Yes, she is a great ballroom dancer but did Nigel really mean that if she hadn’t been so pretty she would have been cut? I hope she looks back at that and is offended.

Poor Nick. We all knew that he would be the one going home after the West Coast Swing. His big, puppy dog eyes were brimming with tears and you had to feel bad for him. He is an amazing dancer and won’t get the opportunity to grow. However, the men’s competition is fierce this season and someone has to go.

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