Jul 24

So You Think You Can Dance Recap – Top 16

I totally missed last week’s recap. I just got so busy and never had a chance to even finish reviewing the routines. But here I am with the Top 16 watching and typing as I watch it. Also as a note this Saturday, July 26th is National Dance Day. Get out and dance somewhere!

The Top 16 opening number is pretty cool. I really enjoy the the use of Take Me to the River. It is sometimes hard to concentrate (for me) on group numbers so I take away how they made me feel. I enjoyed that. It was something a little different.

We are introduced to the bottom 6: Serge, Tanisha, Zach, Bridget, Marcquet, Brooklyn

Marcquet? Really? I’m afraid that’s partially due to the judges’ comments last week about him not connecting. He’s amazing.

We go into the dancer’s pasts which is always fun for me. I started dancing at 4 so I guess I like imagining what could have been.

First up are Valerie and Ricky with a Bollywood routine. Valerie is pretty much killing this routine. She looks very relaxed. At least until that lift… that was awkward. That was a tough Bollywood routine actually. It was non-stop movement with a lot of jumps. Well done! I do wonder how much the judges know about Bollywood to know how to fully critique it.

I do like how they give little tips about dancing before the commercials. I think it is a great way to educate people about dance and get them to give it a try.

Travis’ choreography is next with Emilio and Bridget. Emilio didn’t perform for the first time until 19? Amazing. Emilio doesn’t look to be uncomfortable with contemporary at all. His extensions are quite good not to mention his partner work. He is almost out-shining Bridget here although I think she’s doing terrific. I find the whole routine quite moving. Hang on Ricky… Emilio is coming!

Up next are Tanisha and Rudy. I don’t get how Tanisha is in the bottom. I think she’s the top girl. Or maybe Rudy is out-shining her a bit. They are paired with Dave Scott. Wow the set is amazing and Tanisha’s costume… whew. Those red boots are amazing too. This is a very relaxed hip hop routine but perhaps Dave’s best of the season thus far. If people don’t vote for Tanisha after this they are just blind and don’t know anything about dancing. Oh and Rudy was in it too. I really liked this routine.

Jessica and Marcquet are up next with a Foxtrot by Dmitry. Hey Dmitry! I enjoy watching the Foxtrot and I thought they did pretty good. Mary doesn’t agree. So she thinks Jessica was better than Marcquet? I guess she’s the expert in this situation. Oh and now Nigel is comparing them to Fred and Ginger? I think Marcquet is gone tonight after listening to the judges.

Alright Serge and Carly – let’s bring it with this Mandy Moore routine. She’s using one of my favorite songs for the routine. If I’m remembering correctly Serge is the only one who hasn’t had an opportunity to dance in his style yet, right? I’ll have to check my notes but he dances contemporary beautifully. This routine is no different. Nice job to the both of them.

So we have a salsa routine coming up? The best salsa routine ever performed on this show was by Benji and Heidi. I see this is straight up LA Style salsa with all of the tricks that no one ever does while dancing salsa. This is pretty painful to watch. First the choreographer, whoever he is – some no name in salsa – picked some awful song. What is wrong with salsa music? There is no clave in this song at all. What a fail. I can’t even say much about the routine because it wasn’t awful. There are amazing salsa choreographers in LA so why can’t they choose one of them? Moving on…

Jacque and Zach are going to dance a Sonya routine. This is routine has some nice partner work in it but I’m tired of the girl on her back and the guy comes down on top of her. That’s been done over and over. I think this could have been more quirky which is something we’ve come to expect from Sonya. Maybe I’m just sleepy. Zach, however, is great.

Brooklyn and Casey are up next with WildaBeast. WildaBeast? He’s new. This looks like a more straight up hip hop routine. Casey is dancing this great but Brooklyn, I’m sorry…just not your style. I also don’t think the costumes are helping them at all. It’s too bad Casey didn’t have a better partner because he could have really wowed everyone but Brooklyn held him back. The judges must have been watching a whole other routine because Brooklyn wasn’t fabulous.

Sonya has a group routine and it is incredible. Tanisha is chosen to stand out and was amazing. This routine will need a re-watch from me when I’m not so sleepy (watch for the update tomorrow). That is the kind of routine I love from Sonya.

The final group routine is choreographed by Travis Wall and it seems darker than what he normally produces but I like it a lot. I’m not so sure about Jessica smiling through the routine though. It doesn’t strike me as a smiley routine. Those lifts and flips were outstanding – nicely executed. While watching this I can see that Rudy is under appreciated. I know everyone is on the Ricky bandwagon but I think Rudy is just as good. I think Travis out did himself with this group routine. And here goes Misty drooling all over Ricky. Sorry but he wasn’t the stand out in the routine.

I agree Nigel. So You Think You Can Dance definitely deserves an Emmy (Cat for host!!).

Some chick sings.

Oh this week they are going with America’s vote? They aren’t going to use their own judgement? Come on Nigel. Be consistent.

As I called it above, Marcquet gets sent home. I feel bad for him but the men are so competitive. Brooklyn… I don’t care. Adios.

Overall this was a much better night for routines. Let’s keep pushing the dancers, please.

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